Important Instructions for Closing Day (July 24)

Shalom Camp Ramah New England First Session Families, Everything is going well at camp and your children are having a great time! In this email are instructions for the procedures for campers who are being picked up by car on Closing Day, July 24. (If your camper is flying home, Marggi will email you additional instructions next week.)  We also have provided information about registration for kayitz (summer) 2023. Instructions for Closing Day of First Session (July 24): We want to implement safe procedures for Closing Day, just as we did on Opening Day. Parents will be directed to park alongside the A-side road and must remain near their cars. Our staff will bring campers to their parents’ cars; parents will not be able to walk up to the camper bunks. We are offering pick-up time slots of 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, and 11:30. Families that are picking up their campers by car will need to sign up for a pick-up time slot using an online portal that will open on Sunday, July 17, 7pm. Here is the link to the portal. We will be limiting the number of cars per time slot so that we can safely and efficiently reunite all campers with their families. Time slots will be available on a “first come first served” basis. Please complete the form by Tuesday, July 19, 5pm.  Here is an outline of the process:

  • You may not arrive at the camp gate for drop-off more than five minutes prior to your time slot. We realize that people driving to camp may not be able to precisely schedule their arrival to Palmer. Please take traffic into account when making your plans.
  • If you arrive in Palmer early, please park and wait at the Big Y parking lot. You will be sent away if you arrive at camp early because we cannot block the road entering camp.
  • You received an email from Marggi with your specific luggage assignment and the times are attached once again to this email, if you were required to use Camp Trucking. For all luggage pick-up locations other than Rockville/Fairfax, you’ll have time to drive to Palmer to your luggage pick-up sites if you choose any of the pick-up slots on the form.
  • If your specific luggage assignment is in Rockville or Fairfax, please choose the 10:00 pick-up slot so that you’ll get to your luggage pick-up location in time. Please arrange for a friend or relative to pick up the luggage if you’re concerned you might not arrive on time.
  • To enable our staff to check off our parents as they arrive at the front gate and make it easier for our staff to bring campers to their parents’ cars, please come with the name of your camper written clearly in bold marker on a full sheet of paper. 
  • Once we have brought all campers to their family cars during each slot, we will facilitate your departure from camp and we will then welcome the next shift.

Register now for kayitz 2023 – and get a new Camp Ramah fleece blanket! Enrollment for Camp Ramah New England is officially open for 2023 – we urge you to register now to take advantage of the early registration discount, and get a new Camp Ramah fleece blanket for your child! Here are some great reasons to register now:

  • Early registration discounts are $100 for one-month campers and $150 for full season campers.
  • If you register during this camp season, you will receive an awesome Camp Ramah blanket.
  • In 2022, we were completely full for first session and we were full in some edot(units) for second session. Register by October 3 to guarantee your slot!
  • Lock in your early registration discount (available until October 3).
  • Parents of full and first session campers can register online now. We will deliver the blanket to your child if you register by Saturday night, July 23.
  • NO RISK! Deposits are refundable until November 30, 2022.

 All you need to do is sign into your online account, register and pay the deposit via eCheck or credit card. Deposits are fully refundable until November 30, 2022. Check out our Dates and Rates – and our new Camp Ramah fleece blanket! Any questions about registration? Call Marggi at 413.283.9771. Kol tuv, Rabbi Ed Gelb (He/His/Him)CEO, Ramah New England

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