It’s a Good Life in Shoafim!


A very special piece of being a Shoafim camper is having the opportunity to join the It’s a Good Life Chug (elective)! At the beginning of each session, applications open up for this exciting club spearheaded by Josh Edelglass, the Assistant Director of camp, and Rosh Shoafim (me!).

To apply for the Good Life Chug, all interested chanichim (campers) must write a twenty-two and a half word essay about why they should be accepted. However, no entry is allowed to be written on paper. To spur creativity from the very beginning, applicants find random objects (no body parts allowed!) to write their essays on. I received a garbage bag, a few boxes of tissues, a bottle of sunblock, several hairbrushes, a plastic hanger, and many other creative canvases.

Once selected for the It’s a good Life Chug, the fun begins! A few times a week during free bits of the day, the club gathers for fun activities with me and Josh such as scavenger hunts or photo challenges. Today, we did something extra special!

Everyone who’s ever been in the club (which is a large majority of camp given the gift of lifetime membership) knows that the official drink of the chug has always been Adirondack blueberry soda. However, several years ago Adirondack discontinued the flavor. Since then, a variety of blue drinks have taken its place (e.g.—blue Kool-Aid and Gatorade).

Today we decided to bring back the good old days and make our very own blueberry soda! Josh and I provided the following ingredients: Adirondack seltzer, corn syrup, sugar, fresh blueberries, and blue food coloring. The ratio of ingredients was up to the chanichim.

Each group concocted slightly different versions of blueberry soda. Some were sweet and enjoyable, and others were slightly less pleasant!

This summer marks my ten-year anniversary as a Good Life Chug member, and I was thrilled to see all of my chanichim enjoying the same thing I did many years ago. While I may not recommend reenacting this activity at home, it was certainly a fun activity here at camp that all of the Good Life members enjoyed very much! Blue tongues included.

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