Job Posting: Nurse Director

Ramah New England, an organization running a joyous, fun Jewish overnight camp and two Jewish Day Camps, and a member of the Ramah Camping Movement of Conservative Judaism (winter office – Norwood, MA) is hiring a Nurse Director. The job involves overseeing the overall medical care of a camper and staff community of over 1,300 individuals.

The position requires a combination of strong interpersonal skills with strong organizational and leadership skills. Requirements include Licensure in Massachusetts as an, NP or RN with focused experience in pediatric and/or adolescent medicine.

The Nurse Director may work remotely from September to early June and then at Ramah New England in Palmer MA from early June through late August (room and board provided). The position will be PT from September through mid-June and FT during the summer camp season. The number of hours during the off-season will increase as the camp moves closer to the camp season.

The Nurse Director will supervise the Head Nurse, Infirmary (“Marp”) Administrator and will manage the weekly visiting physicians during the summer camp season and will report to the Ramah New England COO. The Nurse Director will also work in close partnership; with the Physician Chair of the Ramah New England Medical Committee, the CEO, and the Director of Camper/Staff Care.

Please e-mail resumes or write for more information to Ed Pletman.  (ACA Accredited.)

Job description includes but is not limited to:

Nurse Director:

-Annual review and update of camp’s medical policies and procedures in partnership with camp leadership

-Review of camper and staff vaccine records prior to camp arrival and timely communication with parents, staff and medical professionals regarding missing records, additional information required

-Complete review of medical history and chronic disease management with parent and physician follow up and development of camper care plans

-Review of food and environmental allergies and coordination of allergy action plans

-Hiring summer nursing staff

-Managing schedules and integration of weekly camp volunteer -Planning with camp’s Pharmacy for camper medication distribution plan and implementation of plan with camper families. Follow up with families regarding medication questions and issues

-Developing and managing COVID protocols and policies

-Creation of system for Marp flow- staffing, medication distribution, sick call, coverage

-Research, evaluation and selection of new EMR system for camp medical visits and medication distribution.

-Timely parent communication

-Development of training materials and experiences for camp medical and general staff

-Ongoing communication with camp’s leadership team

-Develop training program /onboarding procedures for camp medical staff

During summer:

-Supervision of the Head Nurse, Marp Administrator

-Management and collaboration with weekly volunteer physicians.

-Pre-camp and in-service training including allergy, Epi-Pen, COVID and emergency procedures.

-In coordination with weekly physicians provide direct clinical evaluation and treatment for campers and staff

-Training and implementation of EMR system

-Ensure appropriate communication with parents, camper care team and camp leadership

-In coordination with Head Nurse ensure adequate supply of medical and COVID related supplies and equipment

Salary range starts at $50,000/year, commensurate with experience.

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