Kishroniyah Begins!


B-Side is buzzing with excitement. Campers are on Day 2 of their Kishroniyah electives and by all accounts are having a blast as they delve more deeply into learning new skills and improving old ones.

Amichai Margolis is here leading the a capella Kishroniyah.

We'll be back later in the week to check in at rehearsals.

Over on the Ultimate Frisbee field, Rick Atkins, a world-class player and coach, is teaching new players basic skills and helping more experienced campers to reach new levels.

Last year when he was here, Rick left a top-quality Ultimate Frisbee out on the field. Written on the back was a message for campers:

Please use and enjoy this disc. Please return it to Josh Guitelman Memorial when done.

To Rick's delight, the Frisbee was waiting in its place when he returned this week to lead the Kishroniyah Ultimate Frisbee program. The Frisbee is definitely the worse for wear, which delighted Rick even more, since countless campers have clearly been using it.

I suspect that a new Frisbee will make an appearance in the same place this year to continue the tradition.

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