Kishroniyah 2019- Everyone’s jumping for joy!

The time has finally arrived! Kishroniyah 2019  for Tzad Bet (B-Side) hanichim (campers)! Kishroniyah comes from the Hebrew word Kisharon, or “talent.” During this week-long program at Machaneh Ramah specialists in a wide variety of fields have been invited to join us at camp to run intensive multi-day programs for our Tzad Bet campers. These programs will be high-level offerings, giving our hanichim a chance to engage in an intensive way with the option that best fits their personal interests and skills. In order to allow each hanich/ah (camper) to receive as much personal attention and instruction from their group’s specialist as possible, we will be keeping the group sizes small, averaging ten kids in each Kishroniyah group. The list of programs for our hanichim is truly amazing. Follow us through the week as we highlight all of the amazing offerings of Kishroniyah 2019. Let the fun begin!

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