They literally were running all over camp with their film production gear. The goal was to get footage of each of the Kishroniyah offerings and then compile it into a short film celebrating Kishroniyah 2019. It was amazing to watch how they came together to form a film crew with the camera, the sound, the light reflection pieces, and the choreography. It felt exciting to watch as the chanichim (campers) learned about what it took to create a plan, assign jobs, gather footage and choreograph what we know ill be an amazing film highlighting all of the incredible experiences our chanichim are having this week as part of the Kishroniyah program here at Machaneh Ramah. Check back on Friday to see the film!

Sarah said, “filmmaking is so much fun because we can be so creative and create something to share with the whole camp.”

Halle said, ” It is just so much fun!”

Tali said, “It is a lot of fun and fascinating to learn about the process of movie-making, and then being able to do it myself.”

More about the program- Movies are one of the most powerful ways of telling stories, influencing change and expressing ideas. Movies can excite us, inspire us, scare us. They make us cry, make us laugh and can even make us angry. Best of all, with video creation tools all around us in modern society, there has never been a better time to get involved and learn this art. And that is exactly what we are going to do. Bring your creativity, bring your ideas and bring your excitement to this truly hands-on approach to film making during Kishroniyah. From running the camera to writing, producing, collaborating and editing, we will be creating professional video production content and telling awesome stories! Whether you’ve grown up with a passion for movies and film making or never picked up a camera in your life, this is your chance to walk through the door of this exciting new world and be part of something incredible.

Eli Katzoff has spent his career working on everything from multi-million dollar Hollywood productions with A-list celebrities to smaller reality TV shows, local documentary work and other various productions in the film, video and TV industries. After spending years in Los Angeles working at various major studios, Eli moved back to New England where he started his own video production company serving the needs of organizations and institutions in the New England area. On the side, Eli has a real passion for teaching and continues to find opportunities to help the next generation of filmmakers and artists to tell the stories that inspire and excite the world.




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