Kishroniyah Basketball Coach Dave Brown & “Linsanity”!

Here's a link to a great article about Kishroniyah basketball coach Dave Brown's Basketball Stars of New York organization, and one of their coaches' connection to the New York Knicks' Jeremy Lin!

Here's an excerpt:

Erik Groszyk, a part-time coach for the organization, was Lin’s backup at Harvard University for two years. Brown admitted that Lin did come up when he interviewed Groszyk a year ago, but that “Linsanity” wasn’t yet a catch phrase and it was Groszyk’s dedication and teaching skills that sealed the deal.

“What separates us from other [programs] is the quality of teaching,” said Brown. “Players that received the best coaching in the world are passing on their experiences to kids who want to improve.”

Brown, who spent five years working with Five Star Basketball, a national youth basketball organization that has existed for over 50 years, decided to create Basketball Stars of New York a couple of years ago. The one aspect he wanted to focus on that would separate his organization from others, especially in the city, was the coaching. Groszyk easily fit that mold.

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