Kishroniyah: Mosaic

Kishroniyah is one of our centerpiece programs for our Tzad Bet (B-Side) chanichim (campers).  Kishroniyah comes from the Hebrew word kishron, which means skill.  For one week each summer, we invite an array of high-level specialists into camp to run intense special programs for our older campers.  Machon and Nivonim have 12 hours of Kishroniyah from Sunday-to-Wednesday, and Magshimim and Bogrim have 8 hours of Kishroniyah from Wednesday-to-Friday.

Working with visiting artist Cecilia Kremer, participants in our Mosaic Kishroniyah created a beautiful installation focusing on the magical experience of Shabbat at camp!  The mosaic incorporates all sorts of imagery of Shabbat at camp, from shira to our Shabbat gates to our chocolatey Shabbat brownies.  The Hebrew names of many of the kids’ favorite Shabbat zmirot, from both Friday night and also Saturday night seudah shlishit, are woven into the mosaic.  We will hang this after the summer; we’re excited for this to be a beautiful new permanent addition to camp!

Cecilia Kremer is am Israeli American artist specializing in Jewish mosaics.  She teaches mosaic art year-round at her studio in Newton, MA, and she facilitates community projects throughout the country.  Her work can be found in private collections and numerous Jewish institutions, in the US and abroad.  Learn more about Cecilia, and see examples of her work, here.