Kishroniyah: Pickleball!

Kishroniyah is one of our centerpiece programs for our Tzad Bet (B-Side) chanichim (campers).  Kishroniyah comes from the Hebrew word kishron, which means skill.  For one week each summer, we invite an array of high-level specialists into camp to run intense special programs for our older campers.  Machon and Nivonim have 12 hours of Kishroniyah from Sunday-to-Wednesday, and Magshimim and Bogrim have 8 hours of Kishroniyah from Wednesday-to-Friday.

One of our new Kishroniyah groups this year was pickleball!  Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the U.S., and we were thrilled for the pickleball excitement to spread to Camp Ramah!

Our head pickleball coach was Addam Shand, the founder of My Pickleball League!  He was accompanied by his fellow coach Jacob Jones.

Addam grew up in Barrington RI and attended Camp Bauercrest for 11 years.  He directed and owned World Sports Camp, an international sports summer camp, for over 20 years.   He founded the first youth Pickleball League in South West Florida, My Pickleball League.  He also founded US Youth Pickleball, to help parents understand what pickleball is and how to get their children involved. 

Fun and  fundamentals is what My Pickleball League is all about.  Addam and his coaches create a safe and positive sports environment, where athletes can LEARN, PLAY and COMPETE, while improving their athletic skills.  This is accomplished through positive reinforcement coaching accompanied by skill level training.