Kishroniyah Takes Creativity to New Heights!

At Ramah New England, it’s important to us that the camp experience grows and changes with our chanichim (campers) as they grow up at camp. We also strive to give kids opportunities for high-level, specialized experiences at camp, in which they can dig deeply into areas in which they have interest. Kishroniyah comes from the Hebrew word kisharon, or “talent.” For a week during our second session, we invite specialists in a wide variety of fields to join us at camp to run intensive multi-day programs for our older Tzad Bet (B-side) campers. These programs are high-level offerings that give our chanichim a chance to engage in an intensive way with the program that best fits their personal interests and skills. Kishroniyah runs over four days for Machon and Nivonim campers, and over three days for Magshimim and Bogrim campers.

This year, chanichim chose from these workshop offerings: A cappella, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Steampunkinetics, Jewelry, Film-making, Robotics, Stained-glass, Make-Your-Own Musical, Lifeguard certification, Pickleball, Podcasting and Mural-making.

Check out these incredible performances by the Machon/Nivonim Kishroniyah a cappella group! These kids worked so hard all week with visiting specialist Amichai Margolis, and it shows!

Please enjoy this completed short film, created by the Machon/Nivonim chanichim/ot (campers) in our Kishroniyah filmmaking group! The kids created this completely from scratch — they came up with the idea, wrote the script, created a shot list, filmed all the footage, and helped to assemble the complete edit. The result is this very funny short film! Filmmaking Kishroniyah is overseen by writer/director Arnon Shorr.

We are certain that you will enjoy the amazing musical that was written and performed by our Machon/Nivonim chanichim (campers) in our Make Your Own Musical Kishroniyah group! Led by Landon Braverman, these kids created a complete production entirely from scratch!! They came up with the idea, wrote the script, wrote the songs and music, and then performed their extraordinary creation in front of the rest of their edot!

Check our recent blogposts to learn more about the other fantastic workshops offered this week!

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