Kochavim Chugim End on a High Note!

Today and tomorrow are the last days for our mini-gimmel chugim! All of the chanichim learned so much and had a blast these past two weeks. Today in soccer, the chanichim combined with the crazy games chug and played one giant game of world cup! In mosaics, the chanichim are so close to being done with their artwork and are on the final step of grouting. In Ropes, our chanichim have mastered the rock wall and all now climb up the alpine tower. Finally, in sharpie art, we made awesome shrinky-dinks to take home to our families. Its always so awesome to see what all the chanichim can do after just two weeks of learning in their chug. See pictures below!

Photo Aug 04, 10 27 19 AM Photo Aug 04, 10 28 14 AM (1) Photo Aug 04, 10 30 04 AM

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