Kochavim closing the week with a medurah (bonfire)…


Yesterday campers had there second yom ragil of camp.  This is included a bunch of activities likeagam, arts and crafts, dance, cooking, and outdoors activities.  We showed alot of ruach at the meals, singing the chohavim song.  Later on we had our first medurah, and it was a big success.  Not only did the campers get to enjoy smores, and sit with their friends, they also learned some new songs.  Their enthusiasm was very impressive, and we cannot wait until next week's medurah!

During shabbat we had a special tfillot and many activities. All of the kids were so enthusiastic about the new songs and dances they learned. We can't wait to show off our moves to the rest of the camp. 

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Yoav After,Rosh Kochavim. Shavua Tov!!

Until next time! 

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