Kochavim davens with Amitzim, goes to Rondeaus and more!


The past few days have been full of special activities for Kochavim! On Friday morning, the entire edah helped bring all of tzad aleph (A side) into the Shabbat spirit, by welcoming them to aruchat boker (breakfast) through the Shabbat gates! After a restful Shabbat and a very exciting Tzad Aleph (A side) Yom Sport, the special Kochavim- only activities continued. Yesterday morning, all of kochavim had t’filot (prayers) with Amitzim. It was a great way to start the day! After aruchat tzohorayim (lunch), we all walked to Rondeau’s and enjoyed some delicious ice cream. Later on that day, we performed a rikud (dance) at Zimkudiah (our song and dance festival)! The chanichim (campers) were so proud of their wonderful performance. This morning, the edah woke up early to go boating in the most on the agam (lake). We can’t wait for more exciting special activities over the next few days!







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