Kochavim & Ilanot have a great Fourth: Nagarut (woodworking), Archery and Fireworks!

Our youngest chanichim (campers) in Kochavim and Ilanot had a great Fourth of July.  Pictured below are their chugim (electives) of Nagarut and Archery.

The Fourth culminated in an event that remained a tightly held secret until the moment it began — the entire mahane (camp) had the massive, special, first-time ever treat of beautiful, sparkling, glittering, colorful fireworks that illuminated the entire Agam (lake).  See photo above and below.  As Ezra (photo, below, boy second from right in blue shorts), a chanich in Ilanot who has been here for 8 years, beginning at age 2 as a staff child, exclaimed at the first boom: “Since when do we have fireworks at Camp Ramah?” What a great new tradition!

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