Kochavim is off to a great start!


Ramah’s youngest chanichim (campers) are already having a blast at camp! Although the rain disrupted some carnival plans, everyone was thrilled when they were able to do their peulot tzrif (bunk activities) outdoors, where they met their bunk-mates and counselors and played a few games. Later in the day, the whole edah gathered to learn the meaning of our name, Kochavim: stars. Stars were planted all over Tzad Alef  and our chanichim had to complete challenges in order to earn their stars. This was  a great way for the chanichim to meet new people in their group and to learn some important locations in camp. All of the stars together spelled out a message to go to the Beit Knesset where Kochavim had the chance to meet and schmooze with Rabbi Gelb.

photo (18)

Kochavim gathering to hear about their first peulat edah

We closed out our day by sharing a “rose” of the day – a good thing that happened to all of us. In keeping with Ramah tradition, the last thing we did as an edah was to sing Rad HaYom before bed.

Kochavim had spirited t’fillot this morning, and have split off to start their chugim of archery, basketball, silk painting and more.  We continue getting to know each other with another peulat edah this afternoon where we will also learn our edah song. The chanichim are thrilled to be at camp and meeting new friends!

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Kochavim kzutzat shalosh practicing their patent-pending “chicken march”

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