Kochavim Learns about the Parsha!


Today, Kochavim is already off to an amazing start! We began with energetic t’filot, where we sang our favorite tunes for Modeh Ani and Or Chadash. Since today is a Torah reading day, we learned about the Parsha Shelach Lecha, where 12 spies go the the land of Israel to scout it out. 10 spies come back and report negatively about  the land. However, 2 spies, Joshua and Caleb, reported back about the beauty of the land. Today, all of our Kochavimers pretended to be Joshua and Caleb by “spying” around our Chorsha (grove) and reporting back to their madrichim about one beautiful thing they saw. Later in the morning, we went to Chinuch and learned with our amazing Morot (teachers) Yona and Stacey about the difference between Keva & Kavannah. Check out some pictures below of our chanichim learning today!

Photo Jun 30, 11 46 56 AM Photo Jun 30, 11 43 26 AM Photo Jun 30, 11 13 44 AM (1)

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