Kochavim Preps for Shabbat


Kochavim Had a Blast Getting Ready For Shabbat!


On Friday, we started the day with Tefilot Aerobics. We learned dance moves for different parts of the service. We had a great time dancing all together.  After tefilot aerobics, tzrif (bunk) 21 participated in one of the best Machne Ramah traditions. They greeted all of A-side as they walked to the chadar ohel through the Shabbos Gates. The girls had a great time wishing everyone Shabbat Shalom.


Later that day, we had a peulat edah (edah activity) where we learned about Shabbat at camp. We discussed how we observe Shabbat at Machne Ramah and learned a new song.


We also played an edah wide game of gaga, which was a lot of fun!


After learning all about Shabbat at Machne Ramah, the moment was finally here… Shabbat! We went to Kabbalat Shabbat in the chorsha (grove) and participated in shirah (singing) after dinner. We all enjoyed a restful Shabbat and were ready for the upcoming week.

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