Kochavim’s Awesome Monday Evening!

Kochavim had an actionn packed evening on Monday. First, our Aruchat Erev (dinner) ended with a shira (singing) session. We sang Hevainu and V’ahavta. All of our Kochavimers danced, sang, and had a great time. After shira, all of Kochavim gathered to make oobleck. Oobleck is a substance that cannot decide whether it is a liquid or solid, so if you poke it hard and fast your finger will bounce. If you gently place your finger in the oobleck, it will sink. The chanichim had a great time working together in order to make their oobleck perfect! Finally, our banim (boys) had a surprise sneakout where they played the game of nightstalker with our assistant director Josh. The goal of the game is for the banim to touch Josh without him shining his flashlight on them. Everyone had such a great time playing. Check out the picture from our evening peulot (activities) below!

file2-1 Photo Aug 15, 9 42 52 PM file1-1 file-1 (1)

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