Learning Hebrew in Shoafim

This summer, Shoafim is thrilled to be one of two edot (units) that is participating in a national Ramah initiative to boost the level of Hebrew in our Ramah camps Named The "Daber" Initiative from the Hebrew word daber meaning "to speak," the program invites several (madrichim) counselors from Shoafim to help teach our hanichim (campers) more Hebrew vocabulary and assist them, through creative programming, in strengthening their usage and comfort with the Hebrew language.  Tonight, only hours before leaving for shisha degalim (Six Flags), Shoafim saw its inaugural event of the Daber program.  The campers were challenged to complete a fully Hebrew scavenger hunt, taking them from place to place around camp using only the help of clues written and spoken in Hebrew.  At each station, hanichim were met by their favorite madrichim who taught them through experiential techniques one of a number of new Hebrew verbs and concepts that we use often at camp: activities involving prayer, drawing, beginning, stopping, counting, etc.  The group will continue to reinforce these — and other — Hebrew words, bringing us closer to our goal of spreading Hebrew language to all of our hanichim at Machaneh Ramah, one Shoafim role-model at a time.

And now: a well-needed night's sleep in anticipation of what promises to be a most epic day at Six Flags: New England!!

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