Let’s Commit to Making the World a Better Place

Why did God call to Abraham in last week’s parsha, Lech L’cha? There is almost nothing in the Torah about Abraham that gives even a hint as to why he was worthy of being called and receiving the blessing of an eternal covenant.

An answer that resonates with me is that God was, and is, calling to everyone. It is just that Abraham heard and heeded the call. He saw a world where human life was cheap and people worshipped graven images. He was searching for purpose and meaning and a way to make a difference. He went in search of God and God met him halfway. Together, they formed a partnership to better humanity and the human experience. 

Sometimes we feel so hopeless. There are terrible tragedies on both small and large scales. What can one person possibly do? The story of Abraham is inspiring because it doesn’t take an impressive resume to make a difference. It takes noticing what is going on around us and committing to making the world a better place – one person, one moment, one action at a time. 

Let’s dedicate ourselves to hearing and answering God’s call. Let’s do our part to make the world just a little bit better. 

Shabbat Shalom.

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