Lindsay Fram: adat ha-Bogrim

The Bet Kneset (synagogue) was the setting for the chanichim (campers) of adat ha-Bogrim’s session with Lindsay Fram, a sex educator and consultant.  Through her company, Sexually Smart, she consults with and educates a wide range of children and adults in various settings such as schools and camps.  Our Tzevet all attended Session One during Shavua Hachana (Staff Training Week).  Yesterday, the chanichim learned all about consent:  the meaning of the word, the various components of genuine consent, and practiced various real-life scenarios that might arise.  Ms. Fram’s presentations are clear, well-organized, direct, age-appropriate, and delivered with appropriate humor.  Each of her audiences have come away with enhanced understanding, compassion, and clarity.

The chanichim were up and actively involved in this activity.  The chanichim broke in to smaller groups, chose one of these four concepts, discussed them within their groups, and then presented their thoughts to the entire Edah:

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