Machon Banot enjoy night swing at the alpine tower

Our Chavelim (ropes/adventure course) specialist provide our chanichm with kef (fun), skills, and thrills both day and night. During the day, chavelim is a chug (option) that chanichim can chose. In the evening, sometimes madrichim (counselors) can arrange a NIGHT SWING as a special tzrif (bunk) bonding activity for their chanichim!

It is an amazing experience to be surrounded by your tzrif-mates cheering you on as they raise you up on the rope, you count down, let go and fly through the air.  Then a group of chanichot and tzevet (staff) members carry over the ladder and help their tzrif-mate down.  “I was so nervous at first and it was so amazing,” said one chanicha after swinging last night.  Both Machon banot tzrifim had this wonderful opportunity to challenge themselves, have fun, and create closer bonds through cooperation and support.

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