Machon Launches Service Projects

In line with our goals of global awareness (re'iyah rechava) and social justice, adat haMachon began their summer-long service projects this week! The edah is engaged in three different social action projects in the camp community, each totaling 2-3 hours per week.*

Nine Machon campers are serving as Machon Helpers, a long-standing program that gives our campers the chance to interact with the Amitzim (special needs) program at camp. Twice per week, the Machon Helpers swim with Amitzim, both facilitating mainstream social interactions for the Amitzim campers as well as helping the Amitzim staff run the swim period. In addition, these campers spend one hour per week in a seminar with senior staff in Amitzim to debrief and discuss the program and special needs as a whole.

Ten Machon campers are serving as Bonim B'Ramah (Ramah builders), and are working to physically contribute to the camp space through significant renovations. As a group they have decided to take on the project of refurbishing the amphitheater on A-side, a space used frequently as a Shabbat prayer space, meeting place for the drama chug (elective), and other groups in camp. The group will spend almost 10 hours this summer cleaning, washing, and staining the old wood of the amphitheater to beautify and preserve this space for many years of campers to come.

Twenty five Machon campers are serving as Machon Achim (Mach Ach for short), a brand new big brothers / big sisters program (achim means brothers / sisters). Each Mach Ach was paired with a camper in Ilanot or Solelim (our two youngest edot) to serve as a role model, buddy, and friend for the summer. Our Machon Achim will spend 2-3 hours per week during unstructured time with their buddy, helping with camp's goals of fostering positive social relationships for all of our campers, especially those that may have trouble adjusting to camp life.

Check back for more updates on the progress of Machon's service projects and the way they help us to develop a re'iyah rechava, a broader perspective on life.


* Up to 10 community service hours available upon request. Please inquire in the camp office.

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