Machon Madrich Introductions!

Our Machon madrichim (counselors) are excited to meet all of our hanichim (campers) tomorrow!!

Tzrif 38

Shalom Tzrif 38! My name is Shari Traiger and I am so beyond excited to be your madrichah (counselor) this kayitz (summer)! This is my 13th kayitz at Ramah and I can’t wait to be back for a third year on tzevet (staff). I recently finished my sophomore year at UMASS Amherst, majoring in biomedical engineering. When I am not studying, I love playing field hockey, hiking with friends, and baking! Everything this kayitz is going to be absolutely amazing, from our awesome Boston trip to our spectacular machazemer (play)! I am looking forward to all the ruach-filled weeks and the relaxing Shabbatot.  Most of all, I can’t wait to get to know each and every one of you lovely ladies and have the best kayitz ever!

Hey Machon 2019! My name is Sarah Rosenfeld and I am beyond excited to be your madricha (counselor) for the kayitz (summer)! During the year, I am a student at the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC majoring in Religious Studies. This is my 11th kayitz at Machane Ramah, my second on tzevet (staff), and I can’t wait to share all the adventures Machon brings with you! Get excited for an amazing etgar (outdoor challenge), the Machon-Amitzim machazemer (play/musical), and lots and lots of edah and banot bonding! I can’t wait to see you all soon and to have an incredible kayitz together!

Tzrif 39

Hey, welcome to tzrif 39! My name is Maya Marcus, I am from San Francisco and I recently finished my first year at DePaul University in the windy city of Chicago. I am so excited to be spending my 10th summer at Ramah with all of you! I can’t wait to meet you and have you as my chanichot (campers). I have loved every summer I’ve spend at Ramah but Machon was hands down one of my favorites and I hope to make this summer for you just as amazing. Can’t wait to see you all soon and start a summer filled with laughter and unforgettable memories.

Hi , Machon! My name is Hadar Zion, I am 22 years old and live in Israel! I was an officer at the army, and now I’m living with my two parents, my two brothers, and one little puppy. This summer is my first time as a madricha at a machaneh kayitz (summer camp) and I’m very excited to meet you all. At camp, I will be a lifeguard and a madrichat sirot, in addition to being your madricha. I can’t wait to see you in Palmer!

Tzrif 44

Hi Machon 2019!!! I’m Yael Liebman and I am SO excited to spend another kayitz (summer) with all of you! I spent this past year completing my first year at UMass Amherst, majoring in Natural Resource Conservation. I can’t wait to for you to get to the Machaneh (Camp) so we can show off our ruach (spirit) and show the other edot what we’re made of. Machon is a great year when it comes to edah bonding, becoming friends with people that you may never have in the past, and getting ready to be the greatest Nivonim this Machaneh (Camp) has ever seen! I can’t wait to be a part of this kayitz (summer) with all of you. L’hitraot B’Palmer (See you in Palmer)!

Shalom tzrif 44!! My name is Issey Cohen and I am so excited to be your madricha this kayitz!! I am from Westchester, New York and a rising sophomore at the University of Maryland. At school, I’m currently studying Environmental Science and Technology on a pre-medical track. This will be my 10th kayitz at camp and I can’t wait to be back. There is sooo much to look forward to as being the banot (girls) of Machon. The Boston trip, more leadership opportunities and more time to bond further with the rest of the banot, and your edah! I am super excited to see the familiar faces and meet new ones and make this kayitz the best one yet!! See you all very soon!

Tzrif 58

Shalom Tzrif 58! My name is Jake Shoyer, and I am so hyped to be your madrich (counselor) this kayitz (summer)!! This will be my 12th kayitz at Palmer and I’m really excited to be spending it with you guys. I am going into my sophomore year at the University of Southern California in sunny Los Angeles. I love playing ultimate, basketball, spikeball, and other outdoor games! I really love listening to, playing, and talking about music. I can’t wait to meet you all. We’re going to have an awesome time getting to know each other through tzrif activities, sharing our favorite music, throwing a disc, or anything else you guys like! See you guys soon!

Hello! My name is Jonah Lecker, and I’m from Brookline, Massachusetts. This fall, I will be entering my Sophomore year at the University of Maryland College Park. I’m an avid Boston Sports fan and enjoy traveling and cooking.  I was a camper at Ramah Palmer for five summers before embarking on Ramah Seminar in Israel (which was amazing) and working as a junior counselor last kayitz in magshimim. At camp, I love being active and spending time with friends at the agam. Looking forward to an incredible second machzor (session) and meeting all of you!

Tzrif 60

Hey Banim (boys), my name is Noah Glickman and I’m incredibly excited to be your madrich (counselor) for kayitz (summer) 2019! I was in Nivonim in 2016, I was a madrich (counselor) in Bogrim last year, and I have been coming to the machane (camp) for quite a while. This year, I have been on a gap year traveling and working, and I will be starting at Brown University this fall. I love talking about sports (go Pats), politics, and really anything else. I’m so excited to hang around the medurah (campfire), show our ruach (spirit) in the Chadar ochel (dining hall), and help you love the machane (camp) like I do!

Shalom! My name is Natan Fandel and this is my 10th summer at camp. I just transferred to UMass Amherst and currently play on their development ultimate frisbee team.  I have been waiting all year to do rikud at machaneh Ramah once again and for Friday and Saturday night shira. It’s almost here!! I can’t wait to be a madrich in the number one edah at machaneh. See you soon this kayitz!

Tzrif 62

Hi Machon 2019! I’m Matan Rosenfeld, I’m 19 years old, from Potomac Maryland, and this is my 7th kayitz at Palmer! I’m so excited to be your madrich in tzrif 62! I’m super excited for this kayitz, I’m very excited for Boston and to crush it in our machazemer! This kayitz is going to be amazing.  Machon is an incredible edah. I’m excited to be a part of it with you all!  See you soon!

Hey everyone! My name is Aviya Yaacoby, I’m 22 years old and I’m from Israel. This is my second year at camp and I can’t wait to get this summer started! I love cooking, horseback riding, and basketball and tennis, so be ready to play! Can’t wait to see you all soon! Have a great day! And I’ll see you at camp.