Machon Service Project


Last week, Machon campers participated in a letter writing exercise as part of their Machon Service Project.  The campers talked about what  philanthropy means in their own lives as well as in relationship to camp.  The campers then wrote thank you letters to donors, expressing why Camp Ramah is so important to them. Below are a few excerpts from the several beautiful notes that the campers wrote.

“Camp is a huge part of my life and something I long for each year. I appreciate everything you have done.”

“At camp I make life long friends, and even learned a little. Thank you for giving me that possibility.”

“Thank you so much for funding the financial aid and scholarship programs that have helped me and many others have the Camp Ramah experience.”

“I had fantastic counselors. They are the reason I choose to come to camp every year and hope to become a counselor.”experience.”




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