Machon are on their way to being great madrichim

This yom miyuchad (special day), was particularly special for Machon and Tzad Aleph. Working in small groups of 2 or 3, Machon chanichim planned peulut (activities) for each tzrif (bunk) on Tzad Aleph and the results were spectacular.  One elated Machon chanicha confided that she was worried that Kochavim might not like the activities she planned, and she was right. Kochavim  LOVED the activities and particularly loved the opportunity to get to know her and the other Machon Chanichim.

Machon spent the morning learning about how to run a successful peulah and planning out their activities. Then in the afternoon, they went over to Tzad Aleph to put their plans into action. Machon then walked with their new buddies to aruchat erev (dinner) and sat with them during the meal.

Machon planned ice-breakers and get to know you games to start so that they could learn a bit about the chanichim and the chanichim could learn about them.  One Machon Chanich asked his Solelim tzrif to state their name and one thing they like that starts with the same letter of the alphabet as their first initial.  This game is particularly good because it helps a newcomer learn everyone’s name quickly.

After ice-breakers, they played games like spud, scary ball, freeze dance, and paper bag drama.  Watching the Tzad Aleph chanichim gather around their new Machon friends in the chadar ochel, it was clear that the day had been a resounding success for all of the chanichim involved.