Machon/Nivonim Kishroniyah!

It has been an extraordinary week so far for our Machon and Nivonim campers, and they have participated in our KISHRONIYAH program, a highlight of our Tzad Bet summer experience!

Kishroniyah comes from the Hebrew word Kisharon, or “talent.”   In what has become an annual event for Tzad Bet, we have invited specialists in a wide variety of fields to join us at camp to run intensive multi-day programs for our Tzad Bet campers.   Since Sunday, our Machon and Nivonim campers have been spending four hours a day apprenticing with our phenomenal Kishroniyah specialists.  These specialists include the Basketball Stars of New York coaches (an extraordinary four-person coaching team); spectacular coaches in tennis, flag football, and ultimate frisbee; a french-trained pastry chef; a circus performer; a filmmaker (working with the kids to create their very own short-film that they have written, directed, performed in, edited, and will take home with them on DVD); one of the best Jewish song-leaders in North America (who is running an a cappella group which will culminate in the kids cutting their own CD that they will take home with them); a talented jewelry artist (creating gorgeous beaded bracelets, necklaces, rings, and other jewelry with our kids); and a pair of magnificent artists working with our kids to create permanent installation art projects (one a painted mural, the other a tile mosaic) that will beautify camp for years to come.

Here are some photos of the eleven Kishroniyah groups:

Tomorrow, our Machon/Nivonim Kishroniyah program will wrap-up, and the Magshimim/Bogrim Kishroniyah will begin!