Magshimim 2012: Off to a Great Start!

Shalom! It’s been so busy in Magshimim, that we’ve barely had any time to blog! Even though we’ve only been at camp for a little over two days, so much has happened. The Chanichim (campers) are already making new friends, becoming closer with their tzrifim (bunks) and madrichim (counselors), and becoming well adjusted to life on Tzad Bet (B side). In addition to the normal scheduling of chugim (electives), hinuch (education), and of course Berkshires (sports practice to play against Camp Ramah in the Berkshires later this month), the chanichim have been enjoying a number of amazing peulot (activities) planned by our wonderful tzevet (staff).

On Tuesday night, the edah participated in a scavenger hunt/minute-to-win-it competition to learn about some of the most important spots to know on Tzad Bet! Chanichim had to complete crazy challenges in order to move around Tzad Bet. Overall, the chanichim had a blast, and are now much better acquainted with their new surroundings.

Tonight, we had our first medura (campfire) of the summer! We shared ideas about how we could come together as one unified edah in order to be stronger. “If we’re all doing different things,” one chanich (camper) remarked, “no one will hear us. But when we all speak together, then we can really make our voice heard.” Hopefully we’ll go through the rest of the summer with this mentality!

Here are a few pictures of our chanichim having fun at the medurah!



Looking forward to a great first shabbat, and a fun-filled second week!

David Offit, Rosh Magshimim

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