Magshimim at JV Yom Roo against Camp Ramah Berkshires


We are so proud of all our campers in Magshimim yesterday who did a wonderful  job playing their respective sports and winning the day overall!! So many teams were able to win, and we are so proud of everyone who contributed. From Soccer to Basketball, Swim, Dance, and everything in between, Magshimim made all their counselors proud!  As we all loaded up the buses for the drive back home, we all agreed it was a successful  day.


Its been a great past couple days. Between the fantastic Magshimim/Bogrim play, a lovely
Shabbat, and a widely successful Yom Roo, Magshimim pride has never been higher.  Up this week is Zimkudia (a song and dance competition) and the last shabbat of the session.  It’s going to be an amazing week

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