Magshimim Does a Reverse Talent Show

When you think of a talent show, you probably think of someone who has spent time practicing and perfecting a talent deciding that they want to perform that talent in front of a group. A “reverse talent show” is exactly the opposite – people are told that they will be performing something, then given time to practice their “talent.”

Magshimim divided up last night into groups and performed a reverse talent show by tzrif! Tzrif 48 choreographed a dance to a Katy Perry hit;


Tzrif 49 performed an A Capella version of Beyonce’s hit “Halo;”

Tzrif 50 gave a tour of camp in which they made up facts about random sites;


Tzrif 51 performed a magic show;


Tzrif 52 wrote and performed a spoken-word poem;

and Tzrif 54 did some impersonations of their madrichimim.


All of our chanichim performed their talents exceptionally well, and a great time was had by all!

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