Magshimim Etgar (Challenge)

Our Magshimim chanichim (campers) had a two-part Etgar today.  One was raft building — including designing and building a raft, floating on it, and then dismantling it.  The other was a GPS scavenger hunt and riddle contest.  These activities were run by an organization called Adventure In Adventure Out, whose mission it is to help grow compassionate, resilient and effective leaders, communities and stewards of the natural world through spirited exploration and connection.

The scavenger hunt clues were:

  1. This one is found DOWN UNDER
  2. This one is “INTENSE”.  Look for support and you will find it.
  3. This one is almost Beside the river.
  4. If you NOTE the many pines you will be led to it.
  5. You might need to log on to find it — But remember you can’t use your phones.
  6. This one might be a PAIN but if you are a pro you will figure it out.
  7. If you guessed correctly you are in the right zone.
  8. This one is in the ultimate hiding place.
  9. Behind HOO

Yes, definitely a challenge!

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