Magshimim Gives Back


As part of our "Take Ramah Home" project, Magshimim spent yesterday giving back to the communities of Hartford and West Hartford, CT. We divided into four volunteer sites, working with Hands on Hartford, Riverfront Recapture, Elizabeth Park, and Beth El Temple. As an edah, we are going to be keeping a blog over the year, with our reflections on תיקון עולם, Tikkun Olam, the Jewish value of fixing the world. Over the course of the summer, we will be posting reflections from campers and staff, mostly about what we have been learning and doing this summer. Then, over the year, campers will be adding to the blog. We invite you to start following it, here.

I'll leave you with two pictures, and direct you to the community service blog for more.

Here is Daniel B. cleaning out a fish bowl.

Here are some sweepers cleaning with Riverfront Recapture.

The overwhelming response by the campers (and counselors!) was that they had considerably more fun than they expected they would. Giving back and helping someone else out = fun and rewarding!

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