Magshimim Kishroniya – A Huge Success!

Edat HaMagshimim spent the past two days becoming experts in crafts and sports ranging from engineering to flag football, Bible Raps to modern dance during our annual Kishroniya (special-interest workshops)! Highly esteemed professionals and experts in sports, artistic trades, and creative expressions like a capella and acting/improvisation took up residency at Camp Ramah New England to work with Magshimim and Bogrim campers from Sunday through Tuesday.


Chanichim (campers) chose from engineering, flag football, tennis, basketball, silk screening, a capella, Bible Raps, improvisation, modern dance and ultimate frisbee. They worked in small groups with experts and counselors to foster a love of the arts and sports through hands-on activities, skill-building, and training. The chanichim in engineering built and floated boats made from discarded Walmart bags and pipe cleaners. The chanichim in Bible Raps created their own raps about Judaism at camp and in the Torah, taped music videos, and wrote and performed songs that will be shared camp-wide.


While we weren't in Kishroniya, Magshimim took part in two extremely exciting peulot erev (evening activities). On Sunday night, we had the first ever Magshimim Manhunt Mania, at which each camper was given a Hebrew letter that is found in the word "Magshimim", a flashlight, and a series of tasks to perform around the Tzad Bet migrash (main field on B Side). Through completing team-building tasks, the campers were linked to one another, with the ultimate goal being to link to six other campers, each of whom wearing a different Hebrew letter, and spelling out Magshimim with the chain. A great night was had by all.


On Tuesday night, Magshimim participated in Battle of the Rabbis. Four teams (Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi Hillel, Rabbi Shammai, and Rabbi Gelb) fought it out on the human game-show board through a series of questions about Jewish life. With categories including tefillot (prayer), Shabbat, Chaggim (holidays), and Jewish values, the chanichim were exposed to new Jewish ideas and asked to think creatively about their Jewish practices at camp and at home.


It has been a great week had by all.


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