Magshimim Madrich Introductions!

Our Magshimim madrichim (counselors) are excited to meet all of our hanichim (campers) tomorrow!!

Tzrif 41:

Hi Tzrif 41! My name is Ilana Kaplan and I could not be more excited to be your madricha (counselor) this kayitz (summer)! I am from North Bethesda, Maryland and I will be studying at the University of Michigan in the fall – GO BLUE! One of my favorite things as a chanicha (camper) was shira and rikud (singing and dancing) in the Chadar Ochel (Dining Hall), and I cannot wait to sing and dance our hearts out all together!  Tzad Bet is a magical place and together we will show camp that Magshimim is the best edah!! Looking forward to meeting each of you in a few short weeks!!!

Hi חברה (chevre/friends)! My name is Noa Levran and I’m almost 19. I’m from Israel and I just finished מכינה (mechina), which is a pre-army gap year program. My mechina was up north with the best view there is of all the beautiful green.  I’m also a dancer, I studied at an academy of dance in high school for 6 years, and I’ve been dancing all my life. I’m super excited to meet you all and start this incredible summer. I know you all are amazing and I’m sure we’ll have the best time doing שטויות (being goofy together) and dancing all your crazy fun dances you do all summer. Can’t wait!  See you all soon.

Hi! Welcome to tzrif (bunk) 41! I’m Adira Blumenthal and I’m so excited to be your madricha (counselor) this kayitz (summer)! I’m from Silver Spring, Maryland, and I just graduated from Bethesda Chevy-Chase High School. In the fall, I will be attending the University of Rochester where I intend to major in computer science and double minor in theater production and cognitive science. This is my eighth kayitz at machaneh (camp) Ramah and my first year on tzevet (staff), and I could not be more excited to spend it with you! I am so excited for shira (singing) especially on Shabbat, rikkud (dancing), medurot (campfires), goofy dress-up days, Yom Sport, and our machazemer (play/musical)! We are going to have so much kef (fun), make so many new friends, and try so many new things together this kayitz (summer)! I can’t wait to meet you all!

Tzrif 46:

Shalom! My name is Lauren Dembo and I am so excited to be your madricha (counselor) for kayitz (summer) 2019! I am from West Hartford, CT, and I am a rising freshman at The University of Maryland, where I am majoring in special education. A fun fact about me is that I have a twin brother! This will be my eighth summer at Ramah and my first on tzevet (staff). In addition to being a madricha (counselor) to the best Magshimim ladies, I will also be a part of ropes staff! I’m so excited to introduce you guys to special Tzad Bet traditions such as Yom Roo and Mandatory Fun Time. Get ready for an amazing summer and to make some Magshimemories!

Hi!! My name is Marin Warshay and I am so pumped to be your madricha (counselor) this kayitz (summer)! I am from Providence, RI and just graduated from Classical High School. I am off to college next year and can’t imagine spending my summers anywhere else besides Ramah. Including Ramah Israel Seminar last kayitz, this will be my eighth kayitz at Ramah. I play field hockey and lacrosse and played volleyball for Yom Roo! I am interested in studying environmental studies and writing next year, and love animals, so I am so excited for the Pinat Teva (farm/nature area) at camp! As a chanicha I spent a lot of time in Omanut (art) so we will definitely be making some “Magshimemories” making bracelets and doing tie-dye! Bring white clothing! I hope to make our kayitz full of shira (song) and rikud (dance) both in and outside the tzrif (bunk) whether it is Shabbat, a normal Nikayon (cleaning) or on our way to chugim (electives). I love to cook, I sing all the time, and fun fact, I can lick my elbow! I can’t wait to meet all of you and soak up Kayitz 2019!

Hi! My name is Rebecca Weiss.  I live In Newton MA, which is an hour away from camp. I just graduated from Newton North High School and after the summer I’m going to Drexel University.  I love to play sports! I run for my school on track and cross country. I also love doing art, whether is drawing, painting, making jewelry and a lot of other things! I am looking forward to meeting all of you and having a lot of fun this summer at camp!  See you soon!

Tzrif 48:

Hi! My name is Kate Sosland, and I am so excited to be your madricha (counselor)! I’m from Washington D.C.  After camp, I will be traveling to Israel for a gap-year and will begin studying at Barnard College the following year. My very first year of camp was Magshimim summer, so it is very special to return to this incredible edah as your madricha. Tzad Bet is full of new and exciting experiences that I can’t wait to share with you all. I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you! See you soon!

Shalom banot! My name is Shoshana Cohen and I am pumped to spend kayitz (summer) 2019 with all of you! This is my 9th kayitz at Ramah and my first on tzevet (staff). I recently graduated from Needham High School and will be attending Ithaca College in the fall. In my free time I love to dance, sing, perform, and spend time with my chaverim (friends). I am excited for all the pe’ulot (activities), shira (singing) in the Chadar Ochel (Dining Hall), medurot (campfires), and many other hafta’ot (surprises) the kayitz has waiting for you. Magshimim is such a special time! I can’t wait to meet you all and make many wonderful memories together!

My name is Talia Mitre and I can’t wait to be your madricha (counselor) this kayitz (summer)! I live in Rockville, Maryland, and this fall I will begin my freshman year at New York University, where I plan on studying biology. I love crafting, graphic design, playing soccer, hiking, having picnics, and reading books about prehistoric sea dinosaurs. I’m looking forward to singing with all of you at medurot (campfires) and watching you participate in your first Yom Roo! I’m so excited to meet you guys and make some amazing Magshimemories!

Tzrif 51:

Hi tzrif 51! My name is Rotem Ben Yishai, and I’m so excited that we’re going to get to spend the summer together! I can’t wait to meet you all. I live in northern Israel in Moshav Kanaf, which is located in an area called the Golan Heights, an area full of streams and springs. I very like to travel in nature in Israel and especially in the Golan, this is one of my favorite hobbies. I have played guitar for several years, and I like to play sports. I love volleyball, climbing, running and more. I have two siblings, the little is around your age (13) and I also have one sister who is out of the army (she’s 22). Exactly a year ago I finished high school, and this past year I took a part in a pre-military preparatory program. And at the end of July I will be 19 years old. I am excited to get to know you – your hobbies, lifestyle and the places where you live when you’re not at camp. I’m sure we are going to have an amazing summer together. Can’t wait to meet you!!

Shalom! My name is Alex Kurland and I am super excited to be your madrich (counselor) for kayitz (summer) 2019! I can’t wait to spend my 6th summer at camp with all of you! I am from New City, New York (about half an hour north of NYC), I am 18 years old and am going to Cornell University to study Materials Science and Engineering in the fall. I like playing tennis and skiing and also love to play the piano. I look forward to talking to you and getting to know all of you as well as your first Kishroniyah and Yom Roo! This is going to be the best summer yet!

Hey Tzrif 51! My name is Ezra Pemstein and I CANNOT WAIT to be your madrich (counselor) this kayitz. This is my 8th kayitz at Machane Ramah, and my first as a madrich. I live in Newton, MA, just 15 minutes from Boston, and I will be studying at the University of Maryland next fall. I love playing all sports (especially basketball), listening to music, and hanging out with my friends. I can’t wait to get to know all of you guys – we’re going to have an incredible kayitz together!

Tzrif 52:

Shalom Tzrif 52! My name is Gabe Smestad and I am super excited to be your madrich (counselor) this kayitz (summer)! This year is my 9th year at Ramah and my 2nd on tzevet (staff). I am a business major at the University of Vermont and I also play college frisbee there as well! I am super excited to help you guys have an amazing first year on Tzad Bet. I can’t wait to have an amazing time at Six Flags, watch you guys kill it in your machazemer (play/musical), and watch you all do so well in your Yom Roo activities. Camp is the best place on earth and I am super eager to see you guys. We are going to have such an awesome kayitz together!

Shalom, my name is Ezra Schwartz, and I’m so excited to be your madrich this kayitz. I live in Chevy Chase, Maryland and have gone to camp since Ilanot year 2. This fall I’ll be starting at University of Maryland, College Park as a computer science major. I can’t wait to help introduce you all to Tzad Bet. I’ll also be working on outdoor cooking staff, so I hope to see some of you there! Can’t wait to see you all in tzrif 52.

Hello tzrif 52! My name is Ethan Swagel and I’m super excited to be your madrich (counselor)! I’m 18 years old and a recent graduate of the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School which I attended from kindergarten. I’ll be attending Brown University in the fall. This will be my 8th kayitz (summer) as a Ramahnik – six as a camper and one last kayitz working at the Ramah Day Camp in DC. Magshimim was the summer that I fell in love with camp and a lot of the credit goes to my madrichim (counselors). I hope to give the same life-changing experience that I had. I’m really looking forward to the special Tzad Bet (B-Side) traditions, like Roo sports practices, kishroniyah, and Saturday night shirah (singing). Besides camp, I love basketball and baseball, politics, and satirical comedy. I can’t wait for a great summer!