Magshimim plays Berkshires

On Sunday, Magshimim competed with the rest of Tzad Bet against Camp Ramah in the Berkshires in every sport! We had an awesome day of sports, met new people, and had a lot of fun! Many of the chanichim (campers) expressed to me that even though they didn’t win, they played hard and enjoyed the experience! That night we did a Berkshires debrief with our Bogrim teammates where they made each other awards, wrote thank you notes to coaches, and made up yoga poses for their sports. At tonight’s peulat erev (evening activity), our chanichim did a scavenger hunt around camp where they had to find madrichim (counselors), answer camp trivia, and then put together a puzzle that helped them reflect on their summer experience. Though tired from the busy week, the chanichim are pumped for what is left of the summer!

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