Magshimim = Winners!


Tonight Magshimim showed the rest of camp just how amazingly talented we are! In the camp-wide Peulat Erev, we showed off our Torah skills, our physical challenge prowess, and our rosh's Jello-moving abilities!

Our edah was led by our two fearless Torah scholars, dressed in their most serious study outfits, Dore F. and Becky G. Here is a picture of our two stellar competitors:


When Dore and Becky didn't know an answer to the question posed by the judges, they turned to their fellow edah-mates to complete a physical challenge. Here is David W., showing off his skills at blowing a ping-pong ball across the floor – using only a straw:


David was not the only camper to show off his ability to accomplish random, seemingly silly tasks aimed at earning Magshimim points. Yuval P. attempted to don SIX t-shirts while entirely inside a sleeping bag and Danny K. built a pyramid out of styrofoam cups. Who says camp doesn't teach new skills?

All those efforts combined, plus our own rosh's creative thinking during the final round, earned Magshimim a NIGHT AT THE CINEMA!! Next Monday night we'll get a special movie night, complete with snacks and a big screen.

ps. It should be noted, in all fairness, that we tied for first place with Amitzim. Way to go Amitzim and Magshimim!

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