Magshimim/Bogrim Kishroniyah Begins!


After three and a half incredible days, our Machon/Nivonim campers completed their final Kishroniyah session this morning.  It's incredible to see how much our campers accomplished working with our visiting specialists — the projects they created (the growing mural, the complete movie created by our filmmaking group, the wonderful tracks of music recorded to CD by our a capella group) and the skills they learned (in their sports, in the cooking group, in the dance group). 

Although our Machon/Nivonim Kishroniyah program is over, it is only the beginning of our Magshimim/Bogrim Kishroniyah!  This afternoon our Mag/Bog kids split off into their groups to begin their three days of workshops.  There are lots of photos on our web-site — here are a few!