Kochavim: Making our T’filot Personal


During t’filot this morning, we introduced our summer’s theme of Keva & Kavannah. Our madrichim (counselors) taught the chanichim (campers) that the amidah is a great place to add our own personal prayers and thoughts within the normal order of t’filot. We learned that there are three types of brachot in the amidah: shevach (praises), bakashot (requests), hodayot (gratitude). To make the amidah more personal for our chanichim, each one wrote or drew a blessing that they would like to add to the amidah. Check out the pictures below of us learning about the amidah and working on our personal blessings!

Photo Jun 29, 8 10 59 AM Photo Jun 29, 8 13 42 AM Photo Jun 29, 8 17 44 AM

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