Meet Rafi Spitzer, Rosh Solelim 2012!


We are very excited to announce our 2012 hanhallah (Senior Staff)!  Keep checking the blog this week for more information!

Rafi Spitzer.2.cropped.smShalom!  My name is Rafi Spitzer and I’m excited to be Rosh Ilanot for kayitz (summer) 2012!  I am graduating from Boston University this May with a degree in Anthropology of Religion.  Apart from enjoying my studies of culture, history, philosophy, and God, I also enjoy cooking, walking, and speaking Ivrit (Hebrew).  I work at Temple Israel of Boston, where I teach 6th grade Religious School, and at KI of Brookline, where I am the Informal Educator and Ramah Service Corps Intern.  I am engaged to Rachael Besser, an alumna of Camp Ramah in the Poconos, and we will be getting married this September! Last summer, I was the S’gan (Assistant) Rosh Edah of Solelim, and I am bursting with excitement to be working in Solelim again.