Meet Rosh Nivonim 2010: Jen Stern!


Jen Stern.croppedShalom, Machaneh Ramah!  My name is Jen Stern, and I am very excited to be Rosh Nivonim for kayitz 2010!  I am currently in graduate school at the Jewish Theological Seminary for a Masters in Jewish Education. In kayitz 2007 and 2008 I was Rosh Machon and I am excited to be back in the k’far and working with Nivonim. There are so many special and exciting parts of the Nivonim Summer (Yom Sport, the Nivonim play and multi-day trip, leading Friday night shirah and many other leadership experiences.) In addition to all of the wonderful chanichim (campers), we also have an amazing tzevet (staff) this summer. See you all on opening day at 01069!

Keep checking the blog as we introduce the rest of our hanhallah (Senior Leadership Team) for kayitz 2010!