Mishe Nichnas Ramah, Marbim B’Bimcha! (When We are at Ramah We Increase our Joy!)

Our three camps have many things in common, including the shared kayitz 2023 theme, “Marbim B’Simcha” (or Increasing Joy) and we couldn’t be happier! (Pun intended!) Here are a few highlights of how the DC Day Camp is creating the most joyful and ruach-filled summer yet.
Week one will kick off with our first Yom Meyuchad (special day) of the summer, “Yom Simcha,” featuring literal Rock Star Musician, Shira Kline, in concert on Friday, June 30.  Throughout the summer, during yahadut (Judaics), our campers will explore the theme more deeply with perakim (sessions) on menucha v’simcha (joy of Shabbat), simcha l’artzecha (joy of the land), mesameach (bringing joy to others), and simcha b’tefilah (joy of prayer). Campers will also discover the joy of new chugim (electives) such as bishul b’chutz (outdoor cooking), cardboard engineering, improved lawn games with our brand-new gaga pit, and more! Finally, in week 6, we will share the joy with the entire family at our annual Zimkudiyah song and dance festival.
To top it all off, take a look at our amazing camp shirt! Ramah Day Camp Greater DC, Increasing Joy Since 2014 and still counting.