The 66 members of our wonderful Israeli Mishlachat have been an integral and beloved part of the Palmer community this summer.  The Mishlachat is arranged under the auspices of the Sochnut (Jewish Agency).  They come from Petach Tikva, Givat Ella, Haifa, Afula, Herzliya, Moshav Hatzeva, Moshav Aseret, Tel Aviv, Yerushalayim, Holon, Beersheva, Kibbutz Alumot, etc. and have either just completed, are in the middle of, or just about to enter their service in Tzahal (IDF). Many have served as officers and commanders in elite units in the Army, Education, Intelligence, Reconnaissance, Navy, and Air Force.  They may get special dispensation for leave from Tzahal to be part of the Mishlachat as this is a Sochnut-approved program.  They work as personal trainers, lifeguards, swim instructors, teachers, Sochnut employees, artists, day care providers, occupational therapists, social workers, medics, and other professions. They bring energy, focus, great Israeli music by the Agam, and huge smiles.  15 of this year’s Mishlachat are doing their Shnat Sherut (year of community service) at Kibbutz Hanaton — affiliated with our Movement.  The connection between Ramah and Hanaton is thus strengthened.  See Hanaton here:



Our Mishlachat is most ably led by Rotem Ad-Epsztein, Rosh Agam, who is here for her 16th summer with her 2 daughters and her husband Uri, who is also on tzevet Agam (lake staff).  Todah raba for everything you bring to Palmer!

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