Monday’s Happenings

On Monday, Machon started it’s annual trip and went to Boston.  There, among other stops, they visited the planetarium.  Edah trips are a great time for bonding and taking the Ramah experience on the road.

Nivonim last night had their "Prom".  It is emotional for them to go through the last week of camp.  The idea of returning home after 8 weeks and the culmination of their camper experience impacts them greatly.  We try to help them through the process by pointing out all they have accomplished, create opportunities for reflection and closure, and keep them busy with fun things.  Tonight they will put on their play.

On Monday the Nivonim of 2007 visited camp.  Many of them just returned from the Ramah Seminar trip in Israel.  It was great to see our old friends.  They were so happy to be back.  We talked to them about working at camp next summer in less than 10 months!  They also talked to this year’s Nivonim about Seminar. 

Last night Ilanot was supposed to go on their camp out.  Unfortunately, our weather was too rainy to make this happen.  Instead, the nature staff did the program but the kids had to sleep inside.  The kids really enjoy the bonfires and activities.  If only it would go longer than 36 hours without rain!

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