More Kishroniyah Pictures

Magshimim and Bogrim continue to have a phenomenal time in Kishroniyah. As a rosh edah, I'm jealous that I don't get to go to (and stay at) just one activity – but at the same time, it has been so much fun walking around to each group – I wish we could do this all summer!

Here are some more pictures, to give you a sense of what our kids are doing:
The cooking class made pizza dough in the morning, and then used it to make pizza (with pesto sauce!) in the afternoon.

Hard at work, beading jewelry.

The frisbee class was learning how to toss a frisbee while being blocked. It was harder than it looked!

Getting tennis instructions from an expert

Although its hard to show pictures of the a capella class, believe me when I tell you that they sound good! They practice in the building next to mine, and it is added a sound-track to my day!

Similarly, it is hard for a picture to show quite the level of talent being cultivated at the Bible Raps session – but here is a picture of some of the group members:

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