National Ramah Statement on Racial Injustice

As our nation continues to grapple with the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd and the painful reality of systemic racism, Ramah leaders are raising their voices in solidarity with protesters throughout the United States, and increasingly, around the world.

The tsunami of outcry for societal change in the face of recent instances of senseless violence against Black men and women requires every educational institution to add its voice to help ensure that this transcends politics and other divisions within our society.

As leaders of institutions that help shape the moral and religious perspectives of thousands of young people, we face this pivotal moment in American history with a sense of humility and responsibility. How do we, as individuals and as leaders of our camps, begin to contemplate meaningful change? What examples can we set for our campers, staff and alumni, and how can we better listen to and learn from people both within our movement and in our society at large?

The Ramah Camping Movement recognizes that we can do so much more within our programs to educate about racial injustice in our society. We must respond now to the clear call for action. As we face an unprecedented summer of closure to help protect our communities from illness, we must use these upcoming days, weeks and months to create new partnerships designed to help repair our society. We are confident that the thousands of children, teens and adults who attend our camps will join us in recognizing the significance of this moment in American and world history, and will draw lessons from Jewish tradition that will help inform our collective response.

Let us commit to using our Ramah networks l’taken olam b’malchut shaddai, to help repair that which is so broken in our world, to emphasize how every human being is created in the image of God, and to seek and pursue justice – tzedek tzedek tirdof. We pray for a summer of healing and the beginning of real change, leading to a future of social, economic and racial justice for everyone in this country and throughout the world. Ken yehi ratzon, so may it be God’s will.

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