New Round of Chugim (electives)! Ceramics: Solelim

Rosh Omanut (Head of Art) Debra Ackerman (pictured below), describes our extensive Omanut program as one that imparts detailed and real skills, and of course it is fun the way all the chugim (electives) at Palmer are fun.  She notes it is not a crafts program from kits, and not just filling a time slot.  Jewish themes and projects are subtly introduced and are optional; for example, Hebrew stencils are available if a chanich (camper) wishes to use them.    The Jewish concept of Hiddur Mitzva (the overarching Mitzva to beautify all the other mitzvot) weaves its way in and around the entire Omanut program, in overt and subtle ways.  The Omanut Building and the Omanut chugim that extend beyond (under the tent, in Nagarut, and the Solelim Moadon) all exude a quiet, calm, happy, Hiddur Mitzva ambience.

Rabbi Marcy Delbick (below, left), Rosh Chug hand ceramics for 6 years, loves this chug because the campers uncover their inner creativity and acquire skills as they form their original pieces.  Further, she witnesses the chanichim helping each other, working together, encouraging each other, sharing materials, respecting the work of others, and speaking nicely to each other.  Through these words and actions, even if their artwork is not inherently Jewish — the chanichim are practicing Jewish values throughout the  entire process of creating the artwork.

Pictured here are Solelim chanichim (campers) engaged with learning how to create various forms of ceramics.  They are now at the beginning of  their projects, as they begin their second round of chugim.    New to our machane (camp) this year is Rabbi Delbick’s assistant, Ryan Lavigne (pictured, top).  In addition to his experience as an art educator and his insight as a local resident, he is a very serious student of our Meah Milim (100 Hebrew words) program!

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