News from the K’far

Shvua Tov,

Nivonim got back from an amazing etgar this week.  Our backpackers, canoe-rs, bikers and climbers had amazing experiences. Almost everyone pushed themselves out of their comfort zones (I heard that one camper even pushed a staff member out of their canoe) and we all grew a little wiser, if not muddier, from the experience. Thunderstorms offered us the chance to learn new brachot while many hours of hiking the Appalachian Trail and canoeing the Connecticut River offered us the chance to learn a batch of new songs. The people of Adventure In Adventure Out as well as our own Teva staff did a wonderful job preparing us and leading us in our experiences and I want to thank them all.

Nivonim returned weary but happy to be reunited in time for the Bogrim play and a wonderful Shabbat. We were lucky enough to have Rabbi Mitch Cohen the National Ramah Director speak at our Tisch (the song and story session after Shabbat dinner) who told us a moving story about respecting the freedoms given to us in the United States. Folk Music Friday has also hit new heights and will hopefully continue to grow.

That’s all for now this week will be Nivonim’s most “normal” week of the summer and I must say it is something we are all excited about, so look for more updates and photos soon.

Have a wonderful week,

Ethan Witkovsky

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