Nightstalker Double-Header with Shoafim & Bogrim!


When I first started as a madrich at Camp Ramah in New England, back in 1995, I brought with me one of my favorite games that I’d learned in the Boy Scouts (Troop 41 in Woodbridge, CT): Nightstalker!  It’s basically a game of tag played at night — not with running and yelling but rather with sneaking and hiding.  These days, fairly often a tzrif (bunk) will ask me to play it with them as a special evening activity.

Tonight, I had a Nightstalker double-header!  First I played with Shoafim tzrif 35:


And then with Bogrim tzrif 60:


Despite the rain, the boys of tzrif 60 persevered and, for the first time in quite a long while, I lost!!  Congrats to Benjy for bringing glory to his tzrif by defeating me in Nightstalker!