Nivonim 2012 Opens Their Ilanot and Shoafim Time-Capsules!


This morning, after breakfast, we had an incredible moment with edat ha-Nivonim.  All of the Nivonimers gathered in their moadon, and together we opened two time-capsules that their edah had created.  First we opened the time-capsule that the kids in the “It’s a Good Life Chug” had created when they were in Shoafim, back in 2008:

Each camper had put one object of significance into the time capsule.  Luckily, we also included a list that identified which camper every object in the time capsule belonged to, and why they put that item in.

Then we dug back even further in time, and opened a time capsule that they had created way back when they were in Ilanot, back in 2006.  (Take a close look and see that we followed the instructions on the box EXACTLY, waiting until August 17th, 2012, to open the time capsule!)

It was incredible.  In the time-capsule were letters that each Ilanot camper had written to their future Nivonim self.  As we passed around the letters to the kids, volunteers from the edah read aloud various notes and superlatives that the kids had written back in 2006.  There also was an amazing envelope of photos from the kids when they were in Ilanot.  Everyone had a good laugh as we passed those around!!  Shira Rosenbaum, who was a counselor for these kids when they were in Ilanot (and is at camp this week, working in our marpeyah), joined us to open the time capsules.  We also read a letter that their Rosh Ilanot, Rachel Silverman, wrote to the Nivonimers and sent to me yesterday, for the occasion of the opening of their time capsule.  (In my own personal little celebration, note that the black t-shirt I’m wearing is actually the Ilanot 2006 edah t-shirt!)

The Nivonimers and their tzevet (staff) and I had a fantastic time taking a trip down memory lane together.  It was a special moment.  As the Nivonimers prepare to enter their final Shabbat as chanichim (campers) at Ramah, it was an amazing opportunity for them to look back at their journey through the edot and see where they had begun.  I think we all enjoyed taking a moment, not just to laugh at what they wrote or how they looked when they were little kids, but also to be thankful for the extraordinary experience they have had at Camp Ramah in New England, their home.