Nivonim 7th week update

Greetings Nivonim News followers

                We are winding down a busy week in the K’far on Monday Nivonim ran yom sport (color war) for the entire camp and it was a resounding success!!! The Judges and Rosh Judges planned a great day that kept all campers involved and ran smoothly. Appearances were made by new and exciting events (Torah Bowl, human chess and defeat the monster only a few of them) and the old favorites were not forgotten. Highlights from the day included (but were certainly not limited to) the rope burn at the end of the Apache relay, amoeba racing and of course (for the staff especially) the silent lunch. The closing ceremonies showed off our kids’ dancing, singing, banner making and fake horse ripping abilities and the whole thing was amazing. OF course I would be remiss if I didn’t wish a mazel tov and congratulations to the white team for winning the day and ending a ten year losing streak.

                This week we also had a great yom miyuchad about the various movements of the 60’s (and also some tie dye). Now Niv is moving into end of the summer mode and practicing for the Zimkudiyah and getting ready for our last week.

As Nivonim heads into a much needed day of rest and recuperation I wish the same for everyone else. Have a peaceful weekend and a Shabbat shalom,


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